At NuStar Technologies,, we garner the different fields of expertises of our team to offer comprehensive engineering solution for onshore and offshore projects

With our pool of experienced personnel in engineering, we work closely with our client in designing engineering solution that enhance the performance of every project we undertake. When it comes to project management; timely decision, efficient management and effective implementation constitutes to the smooth progress and completion of the project beyond expectation.

Whether it is the initial design phrase or in the final installation stage, our integrated team provides consultancy that ensures viable solution are offered to yields the best possible result.

Our Machining facility focuses on accurarcy and precision while our Test Facility demonstrates strong emphasis on the testing and assembly of all our products and projects meet clients' requirement as well as complies with the industry standards.

Our mission in offering innovative solution is seen in our strong commitment in our research and development to enhance our products offering that produce better results and meet new challenges.