The NS-MQR Connector is a box-up, pin-down system which features a J-Locking design for quick make-up and release.

The pin side of connector comes with four locking J-lugs which stabs into its corresponding dual stepped slots in the box connector. Four shear pins on the box connector prevent accidental backing-off the connection and can be remotely sheared to release the pin from the box connector.

The NS-MQR Quick Connector features a remotely operated tie-back key that enables to lockdown with anti back-off function.

  • • Pin connector can be used for initial operation as well as tie-back operation
  • • Guide nose on pin connector provides fine alignment for proper landing
  • • Dual step locking system to prevent premature unlocking / disconnect
  • • High capacity landing shoulder
  • • Locking key is designed to be activated remotely during tie-back operation to prevent pin connector from backing out

Product Preview
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