(2-in-1 WELLHEAD)

NuStar Technologies Multiple Completion Wellhead System allows the drilling and completion of multiple wells within a single conductor pipe. It integrates two compact wellhead and Christmas tree system into a main starter head assembly, to maximize the production output from a single slot. The system allows for up to 3 completion wellheads, bringing about significant savings from reduced tooling, reduced BOP make-and-break operations, and allows for abandonment of adjacent wells in a conductor.


  • • High Bending Resistance – Lockdown of Wellhead with external drive screws. Full support of wellhead in starter head increases safety.
  • • Reduced Installation Costs – Reduced BOP installation and removal operations saves on rig times and operational costs.
  • • Customization – Wide range of compact wellhead casing hanger suspension system meets different customer requirements.
  • •Performance – Reduced number of penetrations and leak paths for high performance.
  • • Effective Casing Separation – An economical and effective casing separation system allows for precise drilling out for 13 3/8” casing strings.
  • • Optimize Spacing – The System allows for close spacing of multiple wells, thereby reducing overall size of platform.

Multiple Completion Wellhead
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