The NuStar NSV Gate Valve offers an economical field proven oilfield valve for the oil & gas industry. The NSV gate valve products are designed and manufactured to the latest requirements of API 6A specifications and API Q1/ISO9001 quality assurance program.


  • • 2,000 to 15,000 PSI WP
  • • 1-13/16” to 9”
  • • Bi-Directional Sealing
  • • Floating Gate and Seats Design
  • • Stem Backseat
  • • Non-Elastomeric Stem Packing
  • • Low Operating Torque
  • • Forged and Valve Bodies
  • • Tested to requirement of API 6A
  • • Suitable for Wide Range of Actuators


Metal to Metal Seat/Body and Seat/Gate Seals NSV Gate Valve comes with a solid piece floating gate. Sealing at gate to seat and seat to body for both designs are full metal to metal.
Metal to Metal Stem Backseat Seal NSV Gate Valve’s stem and bonnet design provided a full metal to metal backseating sealing. This will allow the stem packing to be replaced while the valve is under pressure.
PR 1 Elasometric Stem Packing NSV Gate Valve provides several stem packing design to cover different services temperature, pressure and drilling and production fluids. For PRI services, standard elastometric seal packing is used.
PR 2 Non-Elastometric Stem Packing For PR 2 services, special design non elastometric stem packing is used which provides an excellent service for chemicals in oil and gas production fluids.
NS Surface Wellhead Reveal
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